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Discovering Applegate Lake
searching for a hike, finding much more

7/7/09    Posted 8/10/2009, Jacksonville, Oregon

Going into this journey, we kept envisioning long, leisurely days of quiet contemplation where the RV would stay put and the floor mat, lawn chairs and other outdoor accessories would make their way out of the outer storage compartments. This has not happened yet. It is said that luck is 'experience meeting opportunity'. Well, when the opportunity presented itself, we now had enough experience on the road and in campgrounds to recognize the perfect 'slow it down' spot. Or we could just call ourselves 'lucky' to find Applegate Lake.

Not only is the setting perfect, but we basically had it to ourselves with the addition of a small band of just the kind of characters we were looking for. Thinking back on the week we spent there, I am reminded of the set and cast of Cheers, Taxi or Wings. All the successful elements come together at Applegate Lake, and it too would make a great tv show.

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